527191_360238210764163_1916535460_nI was born in Spilimbergo (PN) in 1972.
I lived in Peschiera del Garda (VR) until 1991 and then I moved to Milan where I graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico University. I studied photography at the CFP Bauer. I worked at Contrasto Photo Agency and then as assistant for the photographer Mauro Galligani. I still live in Milan where I work as a photographer free lance.
In September 2009 I founded MICRO Collective with with two colleagues, and now we are five. MICRO curated Voices From Italy project.

ph. Elisa Locci


2017 – Masterclass “Seeing is Believing” with Joakim Eskildsen, Hannes Wanderer, Giulia Zorzi, Micamera, Milan, Italy
2016 – Photoshop CC Course, CFP Bauer, Milan, Italy
2015 – Workshop “Common Ground” with Arthur Herrman, Micamera, Milan, Italy
2013 – Summer Camp “The Photographic Bookdummy” with Machiel Botman, Micamera, Trebbia Valley, Italy
2002 – Diploma Photo Assistant, CFP Bauer, Milan
2001 – Workshop “Il Viaggio, l’Album personale” with Roberto Salbitani, Spilimbergo (PN), Italy
2001 – Workshop with Roberto Salbitani, Vercelli
2000 – Master’s Degree Architecture, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
1991 – Classical High School Diploma, Liceo Classico Scipione Maffei, Verona, Italy

2006-ongoing – freelance photographer
2010-2011 – Co-curator of the Voices From Italy project
2009 – Co-founder of MICRO Collective
2006-2011 – Assistant for Mauro Galligani, Milan, Italy
2004 – Co-curator of the book “Milano Sud. Sei fotografi raccontano”, Ed. Obiettivo Città
2002-2005 – Photo Editing and Research, Contrasto Photographic Agency, Milan, Italy
2002 – Co-curator of the book “L’emozione del grigio. Fotografia nella periferia nord di Milano”, Ed. Obiettivo Città
2001-2001 – Photo Editing and Research, De Bellis Photographic Agency, Milan, Italy
2000-2001 – Photo Editing and Research for Panorama magazine, Mondadori, Segrate, Milan, Italy

2017 – June – “Svetlana” at Milano Photo Week, “Fotografare Storie. 5 mostre d’autore”, Collective screening, Galleria “Il Vicolo”, Milan, Italy
2016 – June-July – “My name was Kocijančič” – Galleria SP3, Treviso, Italy
2014 – October – “My Siblings” with Micro at Atlante.it, SIFEST, Collective exhibition – Savignano sul Rubicone (RM), Italy
2012 – May – “Svetlana” with Micro at PICS&PLOT, IC Visual Lab, , Collective screening  – Bristol, UK,
2011 – October – “Voices from Italy”, Collective exhibition at Fotoleggendo – ISA, Rome Italy
2011 – March – “Voices from Italy”, Collective exhibition – Area Pergolesi, Milan, Italy
2003 – April – “L’emozione del grigio. Fotografia nella periferia nord di Milano”, Collective exhibition – Foyer of Teatro Parenti, Milan, Italy
2002 –  September – “Elementi di un territorio”, Collective exhibition – Biblioteca Dergano-Bovisa, Milan, Italy
2002 – July – “Milano vissuta, Milano immaginata”, Collective exhibition – C.S. Leoncavallo, Milan, Italy

Kiosk der Demokratie – Kiosk of Democracy
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