The encounter of IZMEE and the Brera Academy is part of “L’Arte fa bene al Business” (Art is Good for Business), a research project promoted by the world-renowned Italian fine arts academy with the aim of involving businesses in key social issues, interpreted through art.
The project, curated by the artist Antonio Spanedda together with the professor Stefano Pizzi, develops around an awareness of how art and business almost always follow divergent paths. And yet, both could generate mutual benefits.
The project involved four professors (from four Schools) of the Brera Academy: Stefano Pizzi for Painting, Roberto Favaro for New Technologies, Vittoria Coen for Fashion and Giuseppe Sabatino for Decoration. Eight students participated (selected by teachers).
The young artists were called to reflect on the issue of protecting the environment and the rights of mankind, with an invitation to foresee the costs in environmental and social terms, evaluated on a par with actual economic activity costs.
Students were then given free rein in the selection of the technique used to create their projects, while bearing in mind size limitations and replicability on steel water bottles.

Milan, 2020