Italy is a country rich of linguistic minorities: some are able to outlive, others are so small that they will inevitably disappear. The Ladino community is a minority of residing in Trentino Alto Adige, a Northern upland region (with special statute).
I met members of a community counting  less than 30.000 people living in five valleys in the heart of the Dolomites: their identity is characterized by a neo-Latin language that has been handed on for more than two-thousand years.
I focused my work on Val Badia where the highest concentration of Ladins is located.
It took me a year to complete  my research. I met a lot of people and I came into contact with century-old traditions that are still very much felt by  the whole population.
The economic prosperity, the presence of three languages spoken in this area (Ladino, German and Italian) and the intellectual vitality are all elements that make of it an open- minded and hospitable community-