In 2015, I bought an old Twin-Lens Reflex camera. I was expecting my second daughter and I knew it was going to be a period of change. The balance achieved after the birth of the first daughter would be broken and we would have to find a new one. My husband and I were happy, but also worried.
With these photographs I wanted to construct and compose an intimate family portrait while contemplating the inherent mystery of feelings and emotions.
Photography turned into a tool to explore and try to comprehend the profound meaning of family relations, to travel through the emotional texture that runs through them and reshapes them day after day: tenderness, joy, melancholy, difficulty, loneliness….
At the same time, each picture aims to tell a story that both expresses and beckons to explore the wonder and sense of discovery hidden in the folds of everyday life. It is an invitation to direct our glance towards what we have nearby and what can, through photography, take on new meanings.
It is an “emotional journey” through the world of our deepest affections, a nearby world that reveals its most wondrous aspects, day after day, in these images.
In this search the glance is drawn to those small things that surprise us with their silent presence and focuses on the gestures, moments and situations that reveal the birth and formation of relationships, the discovery of oneself and the other, the display of love – as in the pictures telling the experience of Eva and Anita, girls/daughters/sisters who day after day learn to know each other and to share not only their time and space, but also their sentiments.
Photographing has been therapeutic. These years have been very beautiful but also hard, with moments of crisis and moments of great happiness, a constant alternation of conflicting emotions, an alphabet of feelings.

“Perché essere madre significa reimparare lo stupore, è un esercizio di meraviglia.”
“Because being a mother means to relearn the astonishment, it’s a exercise of wonder.”
from “Esercizi di meraviglia: fare la mamma con filosofia” di Vittoria Baruffaldi